music, broken stuff and ramblings
hello, i do sysadmin things on and off for fun. i love disgusting old electronics and anything that reminds me of them. also a big fan of various odd animals.
i am an incomprehensible beast and cannot be fathomed by the mortal mind. it is wise to fear me
i can write better html than this but i like this vibe

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look at all these funky dudes

read sweet nothings straight from my brain

Look now, the world the world in my hands
We'll see it relish in the span of a guy knowingly tranced
Inbetween ever-laughing scream of the taunted and begged moose
So easy to get lost in the buttocks of lads
Your blood is the slew-styled knight corpse
And see the outward size to make it to thyself
In which I'm fully locked off and safe
And it's going to rain and lies spread to the land
To avoid it you masturbate the philosophers
The dawn of the first flight rings an idea
Beaconing back, by illusions of things that you touch
Tired of missing beauty and life and such
Balance is for men, who learn to know

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